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My set up includes an HDMI switch on one of the monitors that swaps between using one monitor as part of a 2 monitor set up with my laptop when docked and the other pulls one monitor away for use with DeX. Works well. I can't find a 23 inch Samsung, I assume you mean this 24 inch Samsung? I have a Dell 27 inch 2K monitor from 5 years ago, and an AOC 4K monitor literally bought a few days and it worked on neither of those.

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Currently the tablet line-up for Samsung has pokey little 10 inch screens, and there just isn't enough screen inches to make full use of the resolution, and DeX's HDCP requirement renders DeX as an unusable solution. FHD just isn't usable for me, its too low resolution.

Which Dex device are you using? Even at greater than HD resolutions.

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I'd consider replacing all desktops with high-powered Samsung phones or tablets if I had to set up a generic office environment. Think pimped out Android with Windows and regular desktop computer functions. Automatic switching when you attach the DeX connector. Very nice. DEX on my Note9 is pretty cool, but I never got to use it for real and not as just a test because you need at least a USB-C display or adapter or ideally a dock with also a keyboard and mouse, and nobody just has these laying around.

On the other hand, computers are everywhere, so I could plug it into my work laptop and access personal stuff on the phone for example, or use it at an internet cafe when travelling for example.

7 More Apps to Try NOW for Galaxy Note 10+ (2020)

Too bad they dropped the headphone jack, but I's not like I was going to drop a gr. Examples and reviews abound on Youtube. The idea is sound and and I like the idea of Dex converting the phone to a desktop, but there are already phone independent methods being worked on to do exactly what this article is talking about. So as it says, it's Samsung's equivalent to the Windows 10 phone integration.

No thanks. I'll stick with Windows 10 phone integration, or KDE Connect and not tie myself to Samsung specific devices, services, and apps. Stick with Dex Samsung.

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Stop trying to replicate functions that are already being provided by the. Of course the media ignore it and Samsung doesn't promote it well. Since I can't buy a worthwhile Linux phone I'll settle for a portable desktop Linux option, and since the only good navigation apps run on Android it suits my use case. There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Automatically sync your GitHub releases to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool and take advantage of SourceForge's massive reach.

Follow Slashdot on LinkedIn. Earlier today at Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 launch event , Samsung announced several new features coming to DeX, an application that transforms your Samsung phone into a "desktop like" interface. The expanded version of DeX on the Note 10 now works with your computer, allowing you to transfer files including photos , reply to messages and run mobile apps on your Mac or Windows PC. Engadget reports: The Note 10 also touts a Link to Windows option in the phone's Quick Panel that connects to a Windows 10 PC, sharing your phone's notifications on your PC screen with no specialized apps required.

This concept also isn't completely new, but it's still helpful if you'd rather not check your phone for a must-see message or app alert. More Microsoft integrations are coming. You'll get to make and receive calls right from your PC it's not clear if this is just for Samsung phones or for all Android devices. Samsung's Gallery app, meanwhile, will tie into OneDrive to upload photos to cloud storage.

If the company has its way, your phone and computer will feel like extensions of each other.

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Re: Score: 2. SEE: Samsung Bixby 2. The S Pen features a new unibody design that better replicates the pen to paper experience, according to Samsung. Otherwise, the Note 10 S Pen includes all of the same capabilities of that of the Note 9, with some new additions. For example, the Note 9 had a Bluetooth S Pen with click and double-click features; for the Note 10, Samsung added six more functions called "Air Actions," which allow users to move the pen in the air and use gestures for tasks such as switching camera modes and zooming. Air Actions includes an open SDF so developers can build gestures directly into their apps.

For example, Air Actions could be used in an application for delivery workers to access a ticket through a gesture or have a customer sign for a delivery, Samsung said. Samsung is also working with app developers to add native functionality for gestures in apps like Microsoft Powerpoint, to help move forward or backward on slides, for example. Samsung Notes is also getting a major upgrade, giving users the ability to pinch to zoom, change colors of text after it is entered, change print handwriting to text, and export Notes to Word, PDF, text, and image files.

1. Locate, lock, erase your lost Samsung Galaxy S10 using Google Account

Samsung is partnering with Microsoft to share notes and other content between Windows 10 devices and Note 10 phones, giving users the "Link to Windows" option to pair their Windows 10 device to the phone. This will allow for messaging, notifications, screen mirroring, and photo sharing between the devices it will not work for devices with anything older than Windows 10, however.

This capability was previously available on Android phones including Samsung's via an app. Samsung DeX is a platform that can turn your smartphone into a desktop computing experience.

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The idea is that you can use a PC that belongs to an office, a hotel, or another person, and work on it while keeping all of the data and apps on your phone. DeX for PC also allows you to use your phone and PC apps side by side, and to drag and drop content between the two. Field workers can also continue using their phone from place to place, essentially hot desking with PCs.

Users still need to connect with a cable as opposed to a wireless pairing due to security and performance, according to Samsung. For creators and marketing teams, the Galaxy Note 10 includes professional-grade camera and video capabilities, including:. Live Focus Video: Adds depth-of-field adjustments so you can blur the background to focus on your subject. Screen recording: Allows you to capture what is happening on your screen, use picture-in-picture to add reactions, and annotate with the S Pen.

Video editing: Edit videos directly from their phones with the S Pen. AR Doodle and 3D Scanner: Allows users to tap augmented reality AR capabilities to create dynamic drawings, effects, and animations, and take a scan of an object and turn in into a moveable 3D rendering. For the first time, the Note series phones will come in two sizes. The Note 10 has a 6. For comparison, the iPhone XS screen is 5.

The displays are also nearly bezel-less.