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Actually, this app works on not only Oppo device, but all Android devices running Android 5. Of course, for the first time usage, you need physical access to the target device to install an app and do some easy settings. Besides, PanSpy now offers 1-month free trial to new users, if you want to activate all features and for long term usage, it's wise to subcribe to Premium edition or Ultimate edition.

And here's detailed steps to monitor an OPPO device.

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First of all, you have to open a web browser and visit PanSpy official website. Click on the Sign up button to create a PanSpy account using an valid Email. And then activate it by clicking the link sent to your Email address. And then do the settings to authorize PanSpy app to access your data following the given instructions. After done all necessary settings, choose to keep or remove the app icon. Now, sign in to PanSpy console using an desktop browser or mobile device browser, you are now able to see all data on this interface.

Click on each category to check the data you want to view. Where do we start? Oppo Find X2 Pro not only oozes class in its orange vegan leather finish, but the handset also has arguably the best display on a smartphone. And boy, is it something special.

Oppo Find X battery, camera and benchmarks

The Oppo Find X2 Pro comes with a 6. You can have both enabled at once if you want to take full advantage of the best smartphone display around. Better still, the phone has its own vision engine that can be used to increase the frame rate of online videos to frames-per-second. This means everything will look that much smoother when you're binging on the likes of YouTube.

One of the most underrated aspects of the new display is just how bright it can get.

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Oppo appears to have come to the realisation it needs to up its game when it comes to software to prevent users from slapping a third-party launcher on their device the moment they boot it up for the first time. And the Chinese tech giant has done exactly that. ColorOS 7.

☑️ OPPO A33 Online Update software

You can really tell Oppo worked on refining the performance of ColorOS as a whole. The operating system is fast, fluid, and incredibly responsive. Oppo has introduced a smart sidebar in ColorOS 7. The tool allows you to quickly pop open windows from a variety of supported apps like WhatsApp that run over other programmes flawlessly. Another standout of the Find X2 Pro is its dual-speakers that output extraordinary sound, even at high volumes. The phone supports Dolby Atmos and it really shows - binging films or TV shows on the device is an absolute treat.

The Find X2 Pro has set the standard for smartphone performance in , to the point where we really can't imagine going back to a phone without a beefy spec sheet and slick software to boot. Oppo has really done an outstanding job here.

Oppo has already proven its photography prowess with the release of the Reno 10x Zoom - one of the first of its kind to come with a periscope-style zoom lens offering 5x optical zoom. The tech firm has upped the ante with the Find X2 Pro, to the point this phone stands toe-to-toe with the likes of the iPhone 11 Pro, Galaxy S20 series and even Google's mighty Pixel 4. The Find X2 Pro comes with a trio of sensors on its rear: a megapixel primary, a megapixel ultra wide-angle and a megapixel periscope-style telephoto offering a 5x optical zoom.

Oppo's newest flagship not only takes exceptional photos with each lens, but the array on offer is supremely diverse. In addition to offering standard, wide-angle and variable zoom ranges, the phone also totes a macro photography mode that can be used to get up to 3cm from a subject while still retaining glorious amounts of detail. Photos on the Find X2 Pro are defined by a few distinct characteristics: good levels of sharpness, great HDR and slightly saturated colours.

Install the tool on your Windows or Mac system, and complete the registration process. Step 1.

How to Monitor an Oppo Device Remotely

Launch the Recoverit Data Recovery program on your system by clicking on the app icon on the desktop, or by searching for the app through search panel. Step 2. Your selected SD card will go under scanning, it will be scanned via the default All-around scanning feature of Recoverit. Wait until the scanning is done, it might take a little longer depending upon the size of the data.

Once scanned, the Recoverit tool will list all the lost scanned files on a new window. You can preview the scanned files before recovery to ensure that you only recover what you need. Step 3. To successfully perform OPPO mobile data recovery, you will be required to select the scanned files you want to recover.

You can search for the files, or you can find out the files by navigating through the files, or you can sort the files as per their names of size. You can wait until all of your selected files are restored to the selected location on your PC, and then you can simply access all the files through the location. All you need is to register to OPPO cloud from your device and link that account.

Restoring data from OPPO cloud is really simple.

Oppo Cloud Backup

On your device, set up your existing account with which you have your OPPO cloud linked. This will directly give you an option to restore the backed-up data. You can try any of the above-mentioned methods to recover deleted photos from OPPO mobile phone.