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It seemed quite decent so I downloaded it, but quickly realized its features are limited on the Honor 9X Pro. As soon as you start navigation and leave the app, a notification appears informing you that MAPS. The primary camera employs pixel binning technology — it combines four pixels into one — to produce superior megapixel shots. Photos taken during the day are pretty decent, although the camera sometimes oversaturates shots. Taking photos indoors also produces satisfying results. The secondary ultra-wide-angle camera is okay but far from amazing.

The photos it produces in daylight are acceptable, albeit a little soft, but in low-light conditions and indoors, a big drop in quality compared to the primary camera is noticeable. Video recording can be done at up to p 60fps using the megapixel camera, and the resulting footage is certainly acceptable. The Honor 9X Pro relies on one bottom-firing speaker for audio. It could do with a more powerful bass but the results are perfectly acceptable.

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Sample images. Ensuring you get the most out of the Honor 9X Pro on a single charge is the 4,mAh battery. Pros All-screen design Great battery life Lots of storage. Cons No Google app support App Gallery missing key apps. PhoneArena Rating: 6. Honor 9X Pro View Full specs.

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Display 6. Battery mAh OS Android 9.

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What will happen if Chinese brands drop the Google Play Store for good? Here's what the Essential Phone 2 and 3 would have looked like. The Nokia 8. Months-old bug in iOS 13 remains unfixed, keeps draining users' mobile data. Verizon closes company-owned stores; some authorized resellers remain open. Where some manufacturers have focused heavily on software with great results , Huawei has opted to throw more hardware at the camera problem.

The biggest is the use of a new 40MP sensor for the wide-angle camera. Another difference is that, instead of the 5X periscope optical zoom of the P30 Pro, the Mate 30 Pro only offers 3X optical zoom. The main sensor is 40MP and uses an RYB pixel setup that swaps the typical green pixels for yellow pixels that capture more light. In good light, the Mate 30 Pro performs admirably. Pictures have excellent dynamic range, even without HDR engaged. Long range zoom is better on the P30 Pro, thanks to the superior optics.

The Time-of-Flight camera helps the Mate achieve great simulated bokeh, with a natural-looking transition between foreground and background. Huawei also quietly ditched the macro capability of the wide-angle lens, which both the Mate 20 Pro and the P30 Pro had. I noticed occasional lens flares with this lens, but nothing too crazy. Despite having the same sensor, the Mate 30 Pro tends to have better white balance than the P30 Pro in low light. For selfies, the Mate 30 Pro has a second Time-of-Flight camera on the front. It helps create a more realistic background blur in self-portraits.

Selfies are generally good, even with strong backlight. One issue I noticed was the excessive skin smoothing that happens from time to time. The phone can shoot 4K video at 60fps, though the default on the unit I tested is p at 30fps. Real time bokeh effects, wide-angle video capture, and time lapse are a few of the supported video features.

The phone is also capable of a crazy-high 7,fps slow motion at p. I was skeptical about it, as ultra-slow-motion videography usually requires very bright lighting. But you can get usable results even under normal daylight.

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Even without the 5X zoom, the Mate 30 Pro probably has the most comprehensive and versatile camera on a smartphone right now. Full size camera samples are available in this Google Drive folder. The first three days I had the Mate 30 Pro, I tried using it the way Huawei suggested during its launch event. It was the same story for just about every major app you can think of. By the fourth day I was ready to go back to the familiar Play Store ecosystem. I was worried I would need to jump through hoops, but getting the Play Store up and running was surprisingly simple.

The catch?

It requires running an app called LZPlay that needs a lot of permissions to do its thing. That said, this is an unsanctioned, third-party tool out of China. Use it at your own risk. Following this revelation, the website hosting LZPlay has been taken offline. Huawei has clarified it has no involvement with the tool. The update is focused on visual refreshes, including a new color palette, reworked quick settings tiles, and a revamped settings menu. Beneath that cosmetic layer, the OS is full of features and customization options, including a great system-wide night mode.

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The earpiece, which is hidden below the screen, works flawlessly. Like almost every other flagship phone, the Mate 30 Pro lacks a headphone jack. Many customers may not be comfortable with installing the Play Store using unofficial methods. This could be due to security concerns, lack of tech skills, or simply because they want a phone that just works. In a mature market where small details can make the difference, the Mate 30 Pro has a huge value-for-money problem. You have to hand it to Huawei.

However, the Mate 30 Pro is actually more expensive than its predecessor, and on par with its biggest competitors. The message is clear: this is a genuine, unapologetic flagship phone. Take it or leave it. So, should you take a costly bite out of this forbidden fruit? It ruins my metaphor, but the best answer I can come up with involves bullet points. Bear with me. The Mate 30 Pro has real appeal in spite of its limitations, and perhaps because of them.

And that concludes our Huawei Mate 30 Pro review. What do you think of this phone? Let us know in the comments. Bogdan Petrovan bogdan Bogdan Petrovan Ryan-Thomas Shaw. See the Mate 30 Pro at Amazon.

About this review: I wrote this Mate 30 Pro review after spending weeks with a unit supplied by Huawei. Show More. No headphone jack IR blaster Single speaker. Gorilla Glass 6 Waterfall display. HiSilicon Kirin 7nm 2 x 2. Buy at Amazon. More posts about huawei.