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You can see an example above where the busy subway station appears to be perfectly still as the train arrives. Capture your 2-second clip by tapping the red shutter button. If you select a larger area than necessary, you can easily make adjustments by tapping the eraser icon.

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Not sure which lens will get you the best shot? Simply long tap on any of the lens icons trees on the right side of the viewfinder and a tiny preview window for each lens will appear. Want to watch Hulu in the background while you send an email? To adjust the size of either half, drag the resize slider that sits between the two apps. Ready to return to a single app? Just drag the resize slider all the way to the top or bottom of the screen.

Portrait mode is quite good too as the edge detection is almost perfect and the blur is not too artificial. In good light, the telephoto lens captures brilliant shots. In daylight, the selfies turn out to be quite detailed, and better than the ones in the nighttime. However, HDR makes the selfies overexposed. The phone can shoot 4K videos at 30 or 60 fps. It combines both optical and electronic stabilization, and the colours look good. The video quality dips with p, with the colours getting washed out and images lacking definition. Low-light puts in some visual noise in 4K videos too.

However, prolonged use of the camera can drain the battery a lot fast.

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The phone supports QuickCharge 3. Plus, the phone comes with wireless Qi charging though it is very slow. The LG V40 ThinQ is a great flagship that comes with a top-end processor and a great camera, without lowering the quality in any of the five that comes with the set and impressive display. The battery, however, seems underwhelming.

The phone, in general, is an excellent find for any LG enthusiast. It does not have shock resistance. The V40 ThinQ is a versatile phone which will not disappoint you. Storage GB 64 GB. Key Features Display. Share with friends.

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Expert Opinion. The display of V40 ThinQ is fascinating, packing a lot of exciting colours which are bright and punchy to look at. It comes with wireless charging. The phone comes with a capable processor which can hold its own against the competitors due to its incredible speed and app-switching capabilities. LG is known for its camera, and V40 ThinQ does not disappoint, with premium quality cameras and features like Triple Shot amping up the already-brilliant performance.

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Cons The phone fails to satisfy with its battery as it tends to drain a lot really fast, keeping it chugging for only a day. The phone tends to heat up after a lot of intensive tasks. The stereo effect is missing from the speakers. Screen Size 6.

LG V40 review: LG Catches Up to Samsung and Google

Display Resolution x pixels. Weight g. Back Camera 16 MP. Front Camera 5 MP. Battery Capacity mAh. Battery Type Li-Po. Verdict The LG V40 ThinQ is a great flagship that comes with a top-end processor and a great camera, without lowering the quality in any of the five that comes with the set and impressive display. Once enrolled in Verizon Up, your account will get 1 credit every month after you pay your bill.

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One credit gets you one reward of your choice. Invaluable info about your device, such as FAQs, videos, how-to-use guides and an interactive simulator, are just one click away on the LG V40's Support page. With so many apps to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Increase your productivity, improve your health, track daily tasks, play games and more.

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    Note: Email apps often contain settings that let you choose how often new emails are pushed to your phone and how you'll be notified when a new email arrives. Bluetooth is a wireless networking technology that enables you to connect your phone to other wireless devices, such as headsets, speakers, headphones, fitness bands and even other phones. To pair with a Bluetooth device:.