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It's not just that it has the fastest processor, a ton of storage, a great camera, and a surprisingly excellent Android skin in OneUI. Yes, the Pixel 4 is the newest Google phone, but we have enough issues with it to recommend its predecessor for serious smartphone photographers.

Portraits and zoomed photos look just as good on the Pixel 3 as they do on the Pixel 4, and the experience is basically the same.

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Android 10? OLED display?

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Great camera? Now the actual speed of all the most recent phones I've owned has been impressive,but this is a whole different level,how fast and smooth this phone is has quite shocked This phone met all my expectations. I have never dealt with a better masterpiece. It's really fast, which is the main thing for me. Everything runs smoothly, any game I wish to play I can play without having to worry about lag. The camera meets my standards quite well. The resolution and the sharpness provide great outcome.

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Videos and movies look fantastic on this device. It doesn't take long to get used to this device and the customisation makes the experience even better when getting to know the One. Well deserved 5 stars and definitely recommend. An excellent phone, powerful,fast and extremely quick to charge.

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One thing that caught me off guard is the fact the "home" button for the phone is capacitive. Meaning it works via sensors rather than be a press able button. You will also need a nano sim rather than a micro or normal sim card. Newcastle upon Tyne. Brilliant phone for the money and it looks beautiful!

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The screen - Very vibrant and bright I rarely have it on full brightness, colours pop and look natural. Performance - Very snappy holds it own against more expensive phones. Os - Oxygen runs smoothly no slowdowns jitters just smooth sailing. Build - Beautiful crafted! Battery - Surprisingly long lasting.

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Call quality very nice and clear! These are all supposed to be fixed after am update soon from One plus! Overall I fantastic all round phone and much cheaper than other brands! I bought this phone to have always available my 2 sims that normally use because I was tired to bring with me two different phone.

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This Huawei is fast for what I do: whatsapp, social, navigation, emails, payments via google pay and good photos. The display is good, but during the sunny days, sometimes it's difficult to read it. The battery life more or less one day could be better.

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